Saturday, 8 June 2013

Horrific Life In Cambodia

Cambodia is among the 36 countries with the highest burden of child under-nutrition and one of the 33 "alarming" countries for levels of hunger and under nutrition. Eighty percent of the population is rural. Of the total poor, 92 percent live in rural areas.The rural citizens are the people who have the least access to education, health and other public services because of poor infrastructures and lack of government investment in areas where it matters most.

Cambodia is a country that has been ravaged by three decades of war and strife. This can damage any country, internal battles, the end result is devastating, the destruction of many lives in the thousands and the collapse of governments in a alot of nations today. The pain and sufferings of infants, children and the elderly fighting to survive on a daily basic, very heart broken and sad tears fill the eyes of the compassionate around the world that would love to do some about this kind epidemic situations covering all over the globe. A couple by the name of Bill and Lauren Smith had traveled to the Southeast Asian country often. During a 2002 visit, a taxi driver asked the Smiths if they wanted to see "the children." Not really knowing what he meant, they agreed. The driver took them about 25 minutes outside the capital of Phnom Penh. On their arrival, they saw hundreds of people on giant mountains of garbage.
"There were flies everywhere," Bill said. "There were snakes and rats and the stench; you were just gagging." His wife added, "I had to breathe through my mouth not to smell it."
But they said they were most shocked by all the young children going through the garbage. These kids were scavenging for metal, plastic, glass and anything else they could sell to a recycler to make money. Each child would make about $10 a month at the dump to help out their families, Bill said. Hmmmm oh God raise up organizations to help this nation of suffering people a starving generation.

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